Demystifying Femininity

WOOOOO! How exiting!!! Sonic Glue goes analogue! June 7-30 2017 @ improper walls - See you in 3D! 
DEMYSTIFYING FEMININITY is the title of a 3-week long exhibition project which includes a group art show, discussions, artist talks, stand up comedy and workshops throughout the three weeks program.

We launched an open call to encourage local and international artists (especially women and LGBTQI+ community) from different fields of visual and applied arts to apply and present diverse approaches on the concept femininity. Artists were invited to explore, demystify, question and redefine the concept, whether it was through a social, personal, political or corporeal approach.

The exhibition aims to open up a dialogue between artworks/artists and public to question and reflect the contemporary connotation of the concept femininity, sexuality and gender roles. The artworks subvert, at the same time surrender and challenge the archetypes of femininity.

These aesthetical observations become metaphors of how to look at the broader issues of empowerment, gender roles, questions of personal identity, beauty, politics, hegemony, labour, patriarchy, popular culture and societal expectations.

June 7 // 19:00 
IMPROPER WALLS - Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Vienna, Austria
Source: https://improperwalls.com/exhibitions/2017/6/7/-demystifying-femininity- / 
FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1945748725661977/ 

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